Earth Grid


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How It Works

Earth Grid is not using any indicators. Minimum deposit €1,000




LimitOrderStep - opens long or short trades when x pips away from initial price

GridStep1 - opens new trade after x pips in same direction when initial trade is losing

GridStep2 - opens new trade after x pips + y pips (increment) when previous grid trade is still losing, and so on

MaxOpenTrades - will not open new grid trades after x open trades

SL_Percent - when set to 50 the grid system will close all trades when losses reached 50% of balance

TP_Percent - when set to 0.01 the grid system will close all trades when profit reached 0.01% of balance

Slippage - execute the price within a range of x pips from the requested entry price

Lot - here you can set initial lot size of the opening trade

Lot Increment - grid trades will open new trades x size more than the previous trade

Magic Number - change the magic number when you attach the EA to a new chart on the same currency pair



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