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Are you wondering why people around you are maximizing their trading potential but you’re still struggling to get in the game?


Look no further. RSI Robot is all you need! There are tons of so called “expert advisors” out there and I’m sure you’ve run into a few yourself. The RSI Robot doesn’t claim to be an expert; it simply claims to be consistent and profitable. After years of research and testing, the RSI Robot acts like a real trade—it avoids generating loads of risky trades, and humbly makes the safe, profitable ones based on the Relative Strength Index (RSI).


  • Back tests are 80 – 90 percent more profitable.

  • Trades safely.

  • Reliable and consistent trading.

  • Easy to use.

  • Suitable for professionals and beginners, alike.

The Foundation Of RSI Robot

Developed in 1978 by Welles Wilder, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is an oscillating indicator with values ranging from 0-100 percent.

Wilder posited that when price moves up rapidly, it reaches a point where it’s overbought (70 percent). Conversely, when price falls rapidly, it’s considered oversold (30 percent). In either case, Wilder deemed a reaction or reversal imminent.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a measure of the stock’s recent trading strength, and the slope of the RSI is directly proportional to the velocity of a change in the trend. The distance traveled by the RSI is then proportional to the magnitude of the move.















How RSI Robot Works

The RSI Robot uses two RSI indicators, 14-day RSI and the 3-day RSI. As soon as the two RSI Indicators cross each other, a buy or sell signal is then created. An underlying MACD indicator or CCI indicator confirms the trade to keep you trading safely.

Things you should know about the RSI Robot!

  • The RSI Robot is NOT a scalper.

  • There is NO Martingale (you can turn it on, though)

  • There is NO grid or other risk methods.

  • The RSI Robot relies on the strength of the RSI indicator.



Intelligent Trading: Easy to Use

The RSI Robot will not trade every day, nor every second day. It will trade when the chances are greatest to make a safe trade. On average, it will make between 50-300 trades per year and per chart. Why? The RSI Robot was created for reliability, safe trading, and consistent returns.  It’s also super easy to use. There are no settings to adjust or configurations to learn.








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